Ta Lonza Farmhouse Gozo



Ta' Lonza Farmhouse is situated in the romantic island of Gozo, which forms part of the Maltese Archipelago in the Mediterranean. It overlooks Wied Ħmar, which is a small gorge leading to the Lunzjata Valley in the picturesque village of Kerċem.


At Ta' Lonza Farmhouse, we have tried to create tranquil surroundings which blend into the simplicity of Wied Ħmar and the beauty of the Lunzjata valley. Whether you are visiting us in summer or winter, the natural beauty and the cosy dwelling of Ta' Lonza Farmhouse enable you to enjoy the tranquility of nature's beauty.


The Lunzjata Valley is the island's green house and one of the greenest places all year round. It served as a hunting ground for the Knights of St.John. The valley runs between the outskirts of Rabat and the village of Kerċem, and abounds with natural springs. Despite the setting of the farmhouse in such a peaceful scenery, you are only a ten minute walk away from the hub of Gozitan life, that is it-Tokk.


 Ta' Lonza Farmhouse, 39 Xuxa Street, Kerċem, Gozo. Tel. (356) 99473648, (356) 79829366

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